マルキヨ印 ロゴ

「マルキヨ印」は、1934 年創業の服飾総合商社の清原株式会社が今まで出会った、素材、技術、職人、工場をつなぎ合わせた清原の想いがつまった自社商品です。

"Marukiyo-jirushi” is a trademark of KiyoharaCompany, Ltd., which brings together materials, skill, craftsmen, andour production facilities, and holds the essence of Kiyohara Company,Ltd. Kiyohara Company, Ltd, has been inoperations since its founding in 1934 as a general trading company specializing in clothing and apparel. In both Japan and throughout the world, there are many outstanding materials and craftspeople. We are proud to bring these all together in our new items and offer them to you

Depth² = Interesting!

今、世界は様々なモノで溢れかえっています。 高価なモノ、安いモノ、希少価値が高いモノ、大量生産されたモノ。価値はそれぞれにあります。 「 マルキヨ印」はその価値を生み出す「生産背景」にフォーカスをあてました高価になる素材や技術からなる希少性、大量生産ができる仕組みと工場背景。モノ作りの視点からみると、商品が出来上がるまでの過程に奥深い魅力が隠れています。その一つ一つの可能性を新たに絡め合わせ、輝かせ、新しいモノとして生まれたのが「マルキヨ印」です。

The world is overflowing with many kinds of products—from high-priced goods to low-priced, from rare goods to mass-produced. They all have their merits. Marukiyo Brand focuses on the “production background” that gives rise to those merits—from the materials and skills that give rise to high-value and rarity; to the construction and background facilities that give rise to mass production. When we look at these from the aspect of production, the processes that lead to the creation of the finished product are profoundly fascinating. Freshly recombining all of these various possibilities, letting them shine, and creating them as new products—this is Marukiyo Brand.




Japanese traditions × Western-harmonized style



Traditional Japanese Accessories

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Since ancient times, the beautiful culture of the Kimono, or “clothing culture,” has existed in Japan, and it has continued on into the present day through the many skills of the artisans who are representative in dyeing and weaving. We believe that, through these products, the people of contemporary Japan, and throughout the world, may be able to hold a portion of that beautiful culture, which is known collectively as “Wasou.” They will be able to appreciate the beauty of Japan in all four seasons in these accessories.





最大の特徴はプリント。一筆一筆手書きすることで、同じデザインでも微妙な風合いの違いが生まれ、2 つと同じものは無い、オリジナルのバッグとなります。

The canvas, which has so many different uses—for example, it is used to make Sumo wrestlersʼ mawashi, or loincloths—comes from Shiga Prefecture; the leather, carefully tanned by craftsmen, is produced in Hyogo Prefecture; the stitching is done by artisans in the Kanto area—and these all come together to make this bag.
The most important feature is the printing. This is done by hand, brush stroke by brush stroke, and so, even in the same design, subtle differences in the appearance arise. No two bags are the same; each one is an original.



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